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This application is a meditation aid that utilizes Virtual Reality technology to let you create an environment to your preference. Currently it is still under development and I'm aiming to have a variety of additional locations and tools added to the game.  As such, this is an early access release, and there are likely to be bugs and other strange occurrences in game. 

My HoriZen has a variety of features already implemented to help you relax at home. You can customize your environments with objects, change the lighting and time of day, and change the ambient sound and accompanying music. Upcoming features that are planned to be added to the game will be to add easy sharing and uploading of the settings you have made to the environment, uploading your own custom music, guided meditations, tracks (both for having a meditative meandering exploration of an area and also a more exciting rollercoaster like experience.), add settings to objects and locations so that further environmental customizations can be made, add more locations for users to customize, and more.

A variety of different tools have been used to create this game. The music is primarily generated via Aiva.ai. The terrain design is made with the assistance of Gaia Procedural world. I encourage anyone who is able to try out these tools. The experience is being developed in unity and has come a long way from its initial inception, but it still has a long way to go before I plan on calling it finished. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is currently a demo build and doesn't include all of the features that are being developed. I do hope to have a more complete build up here in the near future once I familiarize myself with Itch.io and how all this works. 

Some known bugs and how to fix them:

  • Some objects have the ability to let you teleport onto them. You can fly by holding them out in front of you and teleporting your way out of the map. Currently I don't have all the easter eggs and such implemented that I plan on, but this is a feature not a bug. A weird feature, but this is about designing your own space, and if your creativity demands you go further than the edge of the world, then I applaud your adventurous spirit.


If you try it out on another headset please try the demo first to make sure it works and let me know how it goes. 


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